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Photography by Paco Alacid

Actualizado: 14 jun 2018

#MeetTheEntrepreneur #Photography

Paco Alacid is an international photographer specialized in portrait, fashion and wedding photography. Far away from his homeland in Spain, he settled in Washington, D.C. and continues travelling to work in different countries both in Europe and America.

Passionate about photography since the age of 13, he developed this extraordinary ability to make the shyest of people feel comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy the entire session. He is well known by the clean and bold style of his images.

Over his 30 years of professional experience capturing women's beauty, his fashion photography became his most iconic body of work. For him, it is all about capturing the essence of the human being in front of him. That is probably why his portraits look so powerful and honest.

Here are some of the testimonies of his previous clients:

"Paco always delivers superior quality (...) I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He is a delight to work with and will make you shine!" Pablo

"The absolute best photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with." Brandi

"Paco came to my firm to take head-shots for our website profiles.  He was patient and willingly stayed longer to make sure everyone was happy with their pictures.  The results were fantastic." Wen

We wanted to share his story with you and recommend him not only as an outstanding photographer but the best we have ever met in Washington, D.C. Let him know what you are after and he will help you to make it happen. We can guarantee you that you will definitely love his job and professionalism.


Instagram: pacoalacid

Facebook: pacoalacidphoto

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