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Orfebreria Venezolana by Diana Temes

Actualizado: 13 jun 2018

#MeetTheEntrepreneur #Jewelry #Fashion #Venezuela

Diana Temes created Orfebreria Venezolana after migrating to the United States and becoming the mom of her first child. After motherhood, she soon realized that she also needed to reconnect with her working life and to discover herself as a woman again. So, she had this idea to start a business that highlights the style of confident women while showing the beautiful creations of national talented designers.

For her, women set trends all around the world, particularly Venezuelans who prefer statement accessories. She describes Venezuelans as self-confident, very feminine and cheerful women; this is the reason why she focuses her business on sharing this particular style with her clients through the distribution of Venezuelan jewelry.

Starting her own business abroad was a true challenge, but her perseverance and strategy were key to build her loyal clientele. After the born of her second child, who is now 2 years old her entrepreneurship path gives her a reserved space to explore her creativity, connect with her independence and complement her family priorities with her own activities.

As a business owner and mother of two little boys, Diana confirmed to us that the challenge is even greater now but she is enjoying the time she spends with her clients while keeping her family and children on the top of her priorities. As her two little boys grow, she will plan to grow her brand progressively.

These are Diana top 5 tips to other women entrepreneurs:

1. Set clear and realistic objectives.

2. Identify your pros and cons and work with all of them.

3. Keep in mind that conditions are never ideal.

4. Keep in mind that a lot of people tend to quit because they focus only on the obstacles instead of being proactive and transform them into opportunities to succeed.

5. It is never too late to start and anytime is a perfect time to do so, you only have to follow your dreams and do not give up until you make it true.

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