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M&EL Jewelry by Marta Vergara

Actualizado: 14 jun 2018

#MeetTheEntrepreneur #HandcraftingJewelry

Women all around the world have a passion but sometimes it is hidden and flourishes when it is least expected. Marta found her passion several years ago by accident at one of the most difficult times of her life.

The only thing certain about life is change. Marta had lived a beautiful life in Venezuela. She dedicated her life to her children. For thirty years, she worked at a Latin American Institution that promotes economic growth in the region. She thought she would grow old in Venezuela, at least, that was her plan. In Venezuela, she found her passion but it was here in the United States of America where she truly embraced it. At 63 years old, here she is reinventing herself.

It is never too late to start over, to follow your dreams, to live and to learn. These past years have been very rewarding. She has learned a new language and most importantly she has had the opportunity to start a new chapter in her life.

Designing and handcrafting jewelry has given her once again the strength to keep going. Learning is a never ending process and Marta is grateful to be able to share her passion with all of you.

M&EL Jewelry by Marta Vergara conveys designs for women who overcome obstacles and take risks. Women who don't settle and know how to put color in their life! M&EL is for the Powerful, Joyful and Stubborn Woman.

Let your passion shine and embrace change!

Instagram: myel_handcrafted

Facebook: M&EL Handcrafted Jewelry

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