At an early age, our founder, Betty Gabriela Rodriguez (Gaby) understood that we need to support each other in order to end injustice and discrimination. At the age of 17, this concern transformed into a dream of creating a foundation.


Her turning point was when two of her close friends struggled with their relatives’ HIV. Even though they had very different profiles related to sexual orientation and drug use, they were both victims of discrimination. Empathy towards these friends and their families was key in developing Gaby’s social awareness.


At the age of 19, Gaby was inspired by the personal story of one of her favorite professors at the University. Her professor was not only an accomplished lawyer, an outstanding LGBTI activist but also a transgender woman. The lessons learned combined with Gaby’s personal experiences shaped her view of how gender prejudices play a key role in discrimination and violence.


Gaby created Amazona Foundation in 2018 as a way to embrace tolerance and diversity in order to ensure an inclusive environment for women and people of gender and sexual diversities.


Amazona Foundation works to promote diversity, equality of opportunity and prevent violence by engaging all members of society in the public discussion. Our programs, campaigns, and advocacy efforts are designed to tackle all forms of discrimination and intolerance, especially when based on gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and sexual characteristics. 

We are an independent, nonprofit organization, committed to empowering women and people of gender and sexual diversities (GSD) by promoting resilience, social entrepreneurship and mentoring. To deepen our impact and achieve equal opportunities, we work as a networked nonprofit seeking the full enjoyment of their human rights.





We seek inclusive societies where poverty has been overcome and citizens to live in dignity and liberty.



Tackle social exclusion and inter-generational poverty by raising awareness of all forms of discrimination and intolerance to all members of society.








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