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Amazona Foundation provides safe and welcoming spaces for people of all backgrounds to share their experiences in order to deconstruct harmful traditional gender roles.


Shaping the future with stories of empowerment from people all around the world to promote gender equality and women's rights.


Amazona Foundation publishes a quarterly e-newsletter with our events,

updates and news, as well as relevant information from our  allies and partners.


What People Say

Amazona Foundantion has given me the opportunity to find part my own self through the life experiences  of other amazing women.  It has made me realized that gender equality is not only to be desired and talked about in order to create awareness but also that it requires action.  It requires us women and minorities to not be afraid to speak up, to not be afraid of risking and taking charge and to not feel guilty to wanting to become more of what we already are. 


Moments away from home don't weaken us  women or the ties to our family to the contrary those moments make for stronger families and for great personal growth and for a stronger us. Amazona Foundation thank you for this ride! Looking forward to many years of success and to keep growing with you and other women! ” 

Elymar Vargas, Professional & Mompreneur 

Betty Gabriela Rodriguez, Founder

Why We're Great >


Amazona Foundation works to deconstruct harmful traditional gender roles attributed to men, women and people of gender and sexual diversities in society. We are currently focused on non-formal education initiatives in the community, ranging from women's circles, monthly events open to the general public, workshops and digital content.


We are an independent, non-profit organization that empowers women, men and non-binary people to help them deepen their impact and achieve their full potential. 


We promote resilience, diversity, and equality of opportunity through our events, our media platforms and by mentoring citizens who champion our goals.

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